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Also spelled Flueharty, Fluhart, Fluehart, Flewharty, Flewhart, Flehart, Fleehart, Fleeharty, Fleahart, Fleaharty, Flechart, Flecharty, Flaugharty, Fluhearty, Flaharty Flaherty, Faherty and other variations.

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Wanted Early Census and other information on Fluharty's

If you have any early census information (1790-1880) that has Fluharty or Fleharty's please submit so it can be published. If you want your Fluharty genology information published on the Internet email me and we can arrange to have it included on these pages.

Early Census's 1790-1840


Fluharty-West Virginia (WV) Census Data 1850-1880

1850 Marion County
1850 Wetzel County
1860 Marion County
1860 Wetzel County
1870 Marion County
1870 Mongahelia County
1870 Wetzel County
1880 Marion County
1880 Mongahelia County
1880 Tyler County
1880 Wetzel County

Fluharty-West Virginia Birth Records

Marion County Births
Monongalia County Births
Wetzel County Births
Tyler County Births

Fluharty-West Virginia Marriage Records

Marion County Marriages
Monongalia County Marriages
Wetzel County Marriages
Tyler County Marriages

Fluharty-West Virginia Death Records

Marion County Deaths
Monongalia County Deaths
Tyler County Deaths
Wetzel County Deaths

Fluharty-West Virginia Cemetery Records

Marion County Cemetery Records
Wetzel County Cemetery Records

Fluharty-West Virginia Legal/Court Records

WV Legal/Court Records