Video clips, pictures and construction details of our Tesla coil.

I'm working on a new coil! Click here for info.

Download this 2MB AVI or look below for smaller files.

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    If you have problems playing these videos with Windows 3.1 try installing this update for windows video.
    Dave Stevick and I Built the coil shown on this page. The coil is about 2-1/2 feet tall and is powered with 15,000V at 60ma.
    Click here for the schematic and construction info of our tesla coil.
    We are currently getting arcs about 15" to 19" long.

    Try Dave's tesla page for more details about this coil and more GIF's and AVI's.

    If you are interested in astronomy or optical design check dave's home page for information on an advanced tilted-component telescope that he designed.

  • Here are some programs and text files to help you build a tesla coil.

    Links to other Tesla related WWW and FTP sites.

  • Here are some GIF's and AVI's of the coil.

    Click the image
    for a larger GIF.

    The object at the right is a wood rod with a ground wire attached to the end. You can see the corona between the rod and the coil's discharge terminal. Whenever we have a grounded object close to the coil but too far for an arc to form we get a huge amount of corona.

    Click the image
    for a larger GIF.

    In this picture you can see a neon lamp that is taped to the end. This coil not only lights up that little neon it also lights up the 8 foot flourescent tubes on the ceiling above the coil! You can see this in the videos'.

    Here is a 1.1Mb AVI.

    This is a smaller (600k) video for those that don't want to wait.
    The lights above the coil are not turned on. The coil does it all by itself!

    Dave has more video clips on his tesla page .

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    The high voltages used in A Tesla coil can KILL you!
    Read this safety information provided by Chip Atknison for details.

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