SETI Stack and farm systems.

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The Hillbilly Supercomputer!

Hillbilly Supercomputer detailed view!
Click for construction details and pictures of my stack.
View the current statistics of the Hillbilly Supercomputer.

Below are many other stacks and farms that I have found on the web.
Many of these are much more powerful than mine! My favorite is the Stomp Monster.
My stack does win in one category. It cost me exactly $0.00 to build :-)

Click the image or the title below the image for a larger picture.
Click the link below the title to go to the builders' web site.
The last line is a link to the user statistics (if available).
If you know of any sites running SETI stacks or farms please email me the picture or URL.

SETI Stack Systems.

I call systems with a custom rack of motherboards a "stack" to differentiate
them from a normal farm made from a collection of individual PC's

STOMP MONSTER detail view.
  • STOMP MONSTER web site.
  • Greyhound detail view.
  • Gandelf's Greyhound.
  • Stompinator detail view.
  • Maojc Stompinator.
  • Stompinator web site.
  • Geordie's SETI Stack detail view.
  • Geordie's SETI Stack.
  • Geordie's SETI Stack web site.
  • JE2BWM's SETI@home analyser detail view.
  • JE2BWM's S@H analyser.
  • JE2BWM's S@H web site.
  • Micro-Stomper detail view.
  • Micro-Stomper
  • Micro-Stomper web site.
  • MINI STOMPER detail view.
  • MINI STOMPER web site.
  • The Crunchy Hog detail view.
  • The Crunchy Hog
  • The Crunchy Hog web site.
  • The daesdaemar detail view.
  • The Daesdaemar stack.
  • The Daesdaemar web site.
  • Daesdaemar stats.
  • Gibbo's stack detail view.
  • Gibbo's stack.
  • Gibbo's stack web site.
  • Steve Watkins' stack detail view.
  • Steve Watkins' stack.
  • Steve Watkins' stack web site.
  • [TLC] Black Sheep Squadron stack detail view.
  • [TLC] Black Sheep Squadron.
  • [TLC] Black Sheep Squadron web site.
  • [TLC] Black Sheep Squadron stats.
  • SetiCruncher cluster detail view.
  • SetiCruncher cluster.
  • SetiCruncher cluster web site.
  • The Seti Monster.
  • The Seti Monster.
  • The Seti Monster web site.
  • Bill Taylor's Stack.
  • Bill Taylor's Stack.
  • Bill Taylor's Stack web site.
  • Jtrinkle Stack.
  • Jtrinkle Stack.
  • lustgraaf Stack.
  • Lustgraaf Stack.
  • Lustgraaf Stack web site.
  • Linearb Stack.
  • Linearb Stack.
  • Linearb web site.
  • Dewill Stack.
  • Dewill Stack.
  • Dewill Stack web site.
  • Pbroussard Stack.
  • Pbroussard Stack.
  • Pbroussard Stack web site.
  • Jdaw Stack.
  • Jdaw Stack.
  • Jdaw web site.
  • DMF Stack.
  • DMF Stack.
  • DMF web site.
  • Crunchenstein Stack.
  • Crunchenstein Stack.
  • Crunchenstein web site.
  • Zoso Stack.
  • Zoso Stack.
  • ^7_of_9s Transwarp-Conduit Stack.
  • ^7_of_9s Transwarp-Conduit Stack.
  • The Termite Terminal.
  • The Termite Terminal.
  • The Termite Terminal web site.
  • SETI Farm Systems.

    The standard type farm made from a collection of individual PC's.

    Jedi_Mstr's farm detail view.
  • Jedi_Mstr's farm.
  • Jedi_Mstr's farm web site.
  • Junk Mountain Farm detail view.
  • Seti@Netherlands
    Junk Mountain Farm.
  • Seti@Netherlands
    Junk Mountain Farm web site.
  • C. C. D. Farm detail view.
  • Custom Computer Designs Farm.
  • C. C. D. web site.
  • C. C. D. Stats.
  • Dagsylad Farm detail view.
  • Dagsylad Farm.
  • Dagsylad web site.
  • Cyklopz farm.
  • Cyklopz farm.
  • Cyklopz web site.
  • Michael Hanson Farm.
  • Michael Hanson Farm.
  • Unclebeard Farm.
  • Unclebeard Farm.
  • Unclebeard web site.
  • Par-Kut Seti Farm.
  • Par-Kut Seti-Farm.
  • Par-Kut Seti Farm web site.
  • Team Seti USA Farm.
  • Team Seti USA Farm.
  • Team Seti USA web site.
  • Team Seti USA stats.
  • Dawnlink farm!
  • Dawnlink farm.
  • Dawnlink farm web site!
  • TheBeatBox Farm.
  • The BeatBox Farm.
  • The BeatBox Farm web site.
  • The BeatBox Farm stats.
  • Altair Farm.
  • The Altair Farm.
  • The Altair Farm web site.
  • SpankinMonkee Farm.
  • SpankinMonkee Farm.
  • SpankinMonkee Farm web site.
  • Lukes' Farm.
  • Lukes' Farm.
  • Lukes' Farm web site.
  • Indysol's Farm.
  • Indysol's Farm.
  • Tonys' Farm.
  • Tonys' Farm.
  • Tonys' Farm web site.
  • getgood Farm.
  • Getgood Farm.
  • Getgood Farm web site.
  • Overlag Farm.
  • Overlag Farm.
  • SpeeDj Farm.
  • Speedj Farm.
  • Speedj Farm web site.
  • Macc53 Farm.
  • Macc53 Farm.
  • Mmacc53 Farm web site.
  • My farm!
  • Two piles of 10 PC's in the
    equipment room at this site.
  • My stack web site!

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